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Oishi Sushi offers reliable renditions of traditional Japanese, Sushi favourites. Browse our delicious menu of Japanese, Sushi dishes and have it delivered straight to your door.

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London, N16SG

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5 pcs (salmon, avocado, crab stick, white sesame seed)


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102 reviews


  • Fantastic! Teriyaki was very tasty and friendly delivery man and quality food. will come back again sure!!


  • They forgot one of my food , and I didn't get my refund yet


  • Very nice !!


  • I ordered food at 7.30pm. It is now 10.30pm and it's not here. No explanation or apology. And no food.


  • Peppers and fish do not go together in Japanese food. This omelette sushi tastes like it belongs to a different cuisine. All rice has the texture of a bouncy ball, overly packed. All sushi has the shape of an egg. Tuna was close to going off.took them 2hrs to deliver.


  • The food is delicious and very tasty . I recommend They even send me a Christmas card ! I think is was very kind of them


  • This was a disappointment. For a takeaway it's at a stretch 2 stars out of 5, but for sushi it's just about a 1 star out of 5. We had a few rolls and some sashimi. I found some of the food borderline disgusting. Oh, and they were more than 30 mins late.


  • There was literally no duck in my noodles, and they were tremendously bland. Very disappointing.


  • Food was awful. no taste! Ramen tastes like pond water but my dog liked it! Popcorn shrimp wasn't tempura it was some weird pancake?


  • amazing food! perfect sized portions and authentic tasting.


  • Arrived nearly an hour late and the cold sushi had been put in with the hot food. Terrible!!!


  • Amazing food, delivery was faster than I thought it can be. Nothing missed. Thanks a lot! Love it!


  • Really, very lovely good sushi, shame the delivery time is so long - just be sure you order in good time if you live a distance away from the kitchen! Yumma yumma!!!


  • The food arrived almost an hour after the cut off point so much of it was cold, particularly the tempura but nice enough. My partner and I don't eat meat and she is Jewish so imagine our dismay when we bit into our 'vegetable' gyoza to find out that they were in fact pork! Suffice to say, we shall not be dining here again which is a shame as their pumpkin katsu curry was gorgeous


  • The best sushi I've had from a takeaway!